That time Tytus Howard rushed for 315 yds... | Daily Brew

The Texans have Deshaun Watson under center at quarterback, and Tytus Howard starting at right tackle. But if the latter's called upon to do the former's job, he might be able to handle himself.

Nobody wants this to happen, and it would be a calamity if Howard ever took a snap at quarterback, but the second-year offensive lineman has a history as a signal-caller.

Howard played quarterback at Monroe Country High School in Alabama, and in his final game there, he went off for 315 yards on the ground. It came against Hillcrest, and his little brother who was playing linebacker at the school.

"He's a year younger than me," Howard said. "So I got a chance to play him as my last game in high school. He had been talking all types of crap all week. He played linebacker there, and said 'You aren't going get any yards on me.'"

His brother spoke prematurely.

"The third play of the game, I ran zone-read, I cut backside and ran him over," Howard said. "Like truck stick. I took it 70 yards for a touchdown. After the game he wouldn't talk with me. I had 16 carries for 315 yards in my last high school game as a quarterback."

That was a fine way to end his time at the position, as Howard would go on to become a first round selection at tackle in 2019.

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