12Q w/RT Tytus Howard | Drew's Dozen

Drew Dougherty of Texans TV spoke at length with Texans right tackle Tytus Howard. You can watch the entire interview here. Below is a condensed version of a few questions he asked Howard.

1) DD: You were a first-round pick a year ago. So what was it like for you this April when the NFL draft was going on? Howard: Before I got drafted, I watched the draft, but I never really watched it all the way through. I always watched the first and the second round. After going through the draft process, I kind of wanted to see how the process went for those other guys. It was quite different for these guys because of the COVID-19 stuff. I actually liked this year's draft more than all the other drafts, because you actually had cameras inside all the guys homes.

2) DD: Ok, many of your teammates say that you are the funniest Houston Texan. How come?
Howard: Because I joke on people. That comes from the school I went to, because all my teammates back in college, all we did was joke on each other and make people laugh. I just try to make everybody laugh and have a good time.

3) DD: So you kind of spread the wealth as far as joking on people, or is there somebody in particular that you get time and time again?
Howard: I spread the wealth, but if there's somebody I joke on a lot, it's probably Kenny Stills.

4) DD: Who do you think is your funniest teammate?
Howard: I got to go with Brandon Dunn. He's pretty funnyy. Dunn is hilarious. If you say something off the wall, and he catches you saying it, he's going to let it be know to everybody what you said, and it won't be pretty.

5) DD: Who's your favorite comedian?
Howard: Favorite comedian's gotta be either Katt Williams or Kevin Hart.

6): DD: What song are you singing in the car to your wife these days? Back when we did this about a year ago, it was "Meant to Be", the duet. But what are you singing to her now?
Howard: "Best Part" by H.E.R. and Daniel Caesar. It's a girl singing the song, but it's one of her favorite songs. So when she plays it, I'll always sing it.

7) DD: Which teammate, do you lean on the most?
Howard: Laremy Tunsil. Because of his position, and the level he plays at is somewhere I want to be. So if you got somewhere you want to be, why not learn from one of the best in the League? He always gives me his advice and if I want to work out with him, he'll show me some stuff he'll do.

8) DD: How do you get ready for a game?
Howard: What I do is, when we have a big break, I try to get my mind off the game so I can get completely focused. I go to one of my favorite TV shows, Grey's Anatomy.

9) DD: Let's go back to when you played quarterback. Describe to me your greatest single quarterback highlight. What happened?
Howard: My greatest highlight would be my last game playing quarterback. I was playing against my younger brother, he played against another high school than me. He's a year younger than me. So I got a chance to play him as my last game in high school. He had been talking all type of crap all week. He played linebacker there, and said "You aren't going get any yards on me." The third play of the game, I ran zone-read, I cut backside and ran him over. Like truck stick. I took it 70 yards for a touchdown. After the game he wouldn't talk with me. I had 16 carries for 315 yards in my last high school game as a quarterback.

10) DD:  What was your first job?
Howard: My first real job ever was working in this place called Wow Wings. I cooked and prepped the wings.

11) DD: What was your first car?
Howard: Now you're going to laugh, but as big as I am, my first car was a Hyundai Elantra. I had to get the seat moved all the way back and nobody could sit behind me in that car. It was a four-seater, but when I was driving it was a three-seater.

12) DD: What's the last thing you cooked?
Howard: For the Fourth of July I cooked a beef brisket. I smoked it for about 12 hours.

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