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The Arizona Cardinals are talking about the Texans | Enemy Intel


Cardinals Head Coach Jonathan Gannon on Texans Quarterback C.J. Stroud:  He doesn't look like a rookie out there. I know that. His process is extremely fast. Very accurate. Quick release. They're top one or two in explosive passes in the NFL right now. And explosives come up on all downs. Mixed downs. 3rd-and-known pass. He's doing a really good job and that's why their record is above .500 and in the playoff hunt. They're playing good football right now. Really good football. He jumped off the tape.

Cardinals Quarterback Kyler Murray on Stroud: I love it. For a fellow African-American quarterback to be doing what he's doing at this level, especially in his rookie year, it's impressive. But if you love the game, and you really love the art, the detail of the position, he's playing it the right way. He's obviously leading those guys. They believe in him. They trust him. I'm proud of him and I'm excited to see his career.

Cardinals Outside Linebacker B.J. Ojulari on Stroud: "He's doing an amazing job. He's a great playmaker. He's doing a great job for their team. I think he's doing a great job running this system and their offense."

Cardinals Offensive Lineman Paris Johnson, Jr. on Stroud: "That's my guy. He's like family to me, going back to high school. I'm excited to play against him. He's been balling out, which is exciting to see. I'm excited for the matchup. He's resilient. The MVP conversations for him are no just because the game was clean from beginning to end. But he's able to find ways to fight back, regardless of how much time is left on the clock. I think defenses are starting to notice the young leadership that he has. They're no longer just doubting him because he's a rookie."

Gannon on the Texans defense: "Fast. Physical. Violent. They've got, in my opinion, a really good back end, with (Jalen) Pitre and Jimmie Ward and (Derek) Stingley's back now. Steve Nelson. They're sound. DeMeco obviously doing a really good job in San Fran coming over there, you see it show up. The scheme's extremely sound. They don't give you a lot of air. There's not a lot of catch-and-run. They fit the run very sound. They tackle well. They play fast and their technique is fundamentally very sound. They make you earn everything."

Murray on the Texans Defense: "I think it's a similar defense. I'm excited to line it up and go against them."

Gannon on the Texans offense: "(Offensive Coordinator Bobby) Slowik's done a good job because they have some different players. He's kind of tailor-fitted it. I thought they made some adjustments from earlier in the year to where they are at now. That's helped the ballclub. I think he's done a really job, this being his first year calling it. I think he calls it aggressively. Keeps the defenses off-balance with different play types, personnel groupings. I think he's done a really good job."

Gannon on the Texans run game and RB Dameon Pierce: "They've got good backs and I think Pierce will be back (from injury) and I have a very, very high opinion of him, having played against him one time. They run the ball effectively. They've got a good o-line. It sets up their (play) action game, too. So we've got to make sure that we tackle. That will be a main focal point this week. Because in the pass and run game they break a lot of tackles. They break down your leverage. So we've got to a good job of leveraging the football and get more than one hat on the ball."

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