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The Break | Daily Brew

Now that Minicamp is over it's time for the long break that takes us to Training Camp.

I jokingly call this 'The Desert.' It's because it's hot and because our content team really doesn't see much of the players or coaches until later in July. Good thing we've stored up some real good stuff on radio and video for you to enjoy over the next few weeks. Stay tuned. John Harris and I interviewed 25 players on Monday. By the 20th one I needed smelling salts, but that's ok.

The players know that they need to stay in shape. Especially the ones who have been through a Texans camp before. And who are we kidding? Minicamp was hot enough to fry eggs on cars. And basic calendar perusal tells you it's not getting any cooler by August.

Historically, many Texans players have worked out in groups during the break at other locations. You'll still see some around the halls of NRG Stadium, especially those who are rehabbing. The athletic training staff is a super hard working bunch and there always has to be someone available.

Coaches unplug but only as much as their drive and determination will allow. Time spent with the family is rare at best during the season so they'll take the opportunity to bond and build memories.

Another rarity for the coaches during the season is sleep. I once questioned Bill O'Brien about the subject and he responded "You sleep in the off season." I'm not sure it can physically work that way but OK. I'm thinking many coaches in the NFL take advantage of potentially later wake up times. Although anyone with small children will tell you that's a big challenge.

As far as our content team goes, we'll all take some time off. But the show must go on! We have Texans All Access five nights a week regardless. Texans 360 will air every weekend no matter what. And social media never sleeps.

We're loaded with great interviews, features and entertaining posts. Keep your phone handy (I know you will. I feel surgically attached to mine).

Training Camp will be here before you know it. Let's rest, read, watch, hydrate and be ready. The best is yet to come.

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