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The Browns are talking about the Texans | Enemy Intel


Cleveland Head Coach Kevin Stefanski on the Texans: "C.J. Stroud's a great player. I mean, he's a great player, so we did not face him in the first one. There's injuries, the guys that are back on defense that they didn't have. They've signed a couple free agents on defense. So really, as everybody knows, you're a different team week to week and certainly this is a different team we're facing. But I know it's a very talented team. They're very well coached. I have a ton of respect for DeMeco (Ryans), his entire coaching staff, so it's a great challenge, but we're really focused on the work that's going to go into it this week. 

Stefanski on Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud: "He's awesome. I remember watching him early, because we had some crossover tape and getting ready to play Baltimore. I know he played in – that was his first game, and I think even in that game, you saw some plays and some throws where you knew right away that kid was really, really talented. I know the state has seen him play quite a bit, so he's a very talented young man and I think the tape is what we as coaches always kind of go back to. And he's got some really great tape."

Cleveland Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz on Stroud: "Decisive with the ball, accurate passer, buy some time time, makes big plays down the field. I think when it's all said and done, the fact that he's passed for as many yards as he has without turning the ball over is really impressive for a young guy. Usually the cost of doing business if you're going to throw a lot of yards is you also turn the ball over a lot. It's been impressive what he's been able to do. We're going to have to play tight coverage. We're going to have to stay after him in the pass rush. We're going to have to limit run after the catch because he does a good job of giving his guys opportunities to run after the catch, including Nico Collins. That's one of the things he does best."

Cleveland cornerback Denzel Ward on Stroud: "Real big challenge. This is a new quarterback for their team. Like you said, he's a Buckeye, so all the Buckeyes are great. So he's a great quarterback, though. Very accurate passer, puts the ball on the money, can make all the throws on the field, gets the ball to his playmaker, goes through his progressions. So he's been having a real good year and going to bring a challenge to us that I think we're up for, though."

Cleveland quarterback Joe Flacco on Stroud: "He's been really impressive just from afar in terms of his decision-making and the way everything's kind of looked. You can tell he can throw the ball. You know I didn't get a chance – it's not like I follow college football a ton and Ohio State always has somebody it seems like the last few years that are getting drafted at the top of the draft in the spring. But it seems like he has a lot of armed talent and the impressive part is the fact that he's been able to make really good decisions all year. So a lot of credit for him for sure."

LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah on Stroud: "We have more footage on C.J., than we did the last quarterback. So, it's a little bit of a challenge. Of course, reference to personnel would be a challenge. C.J. is the type of player that he is, which is an awesome player. And then they have real good backs, real good line. So, it'll be a challenge for us overall, but it'll be a little bit more understood because we have the full week."

CB Greg Newsome, II on Stroud: "CJ is not just the best rookie quarterback, but he's one of the best quarterbacks in the whole entire NFL. So, he presents a lot of challenges for us, but I think we're up for the challenge."

Stefanski on Texans wide receiver Nico Collins: "He's just a really physical football player, can make contested catches, has the speed, has breakaway speed. He's a big play receiver as you saw in the first play of the game the other night. He's really talented."

Newsome on Collins: "Big guy, great at the catch point, can run a bunch of routes, but just a big target. So he's a guy you got to be in phase with. You got to play physical with him, great receiver as well. And I think him, and C.J. (Stroud) are one of the better duos in the league for sure."

Ward on Collins: "He's a real good receiver as well. Big receiver, got good hands, good routes. Probably his favorite target out there. So they definitely got that connection out there that we're going to have to lock on to and try to eliminate those guys."

Cleveland Offensive Coordinator Alex Van Pelt on defensive ends Will Anderson, Jr. and Jonathan Greenard: "Those are great players for them. We didn't see Greenard last time. He left early in that game, but we know what he brings. His productivity has been outstanding this year. And Anderson's an extremely talented pass rusher as well, their strength is upfront in their D line. We feel that's a good challenge. So, I hope they're healthy. We hope we get them at their best."

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