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The Buccaneers are saying some things about the Texans | Enemy Intel 


Buccaneers Head Coach Todd Bowles on the Houston Texans limiting turnovers "It gives you a chance to win when you don't turn the ball over. When you don't turn it over and you don't give up big plays, you always give yourself a chance to win."

Buccaneers Offensive Coordinator Dave Canales on Texans Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: "He's coaching effort first. Up front they're a penetrating defensive line. These guys fire off the ball. Whether it's the nose tackle, the '3' (technique) or the ends, their Crash-9 techniques, they're up the field right now. You look earlier in the season, I don't think they really understood what he was asking them to do. You watch the last two games, they're firing off the ball and they're playing into blocks. It makes it really, really challenging for the tackles. Really challenging for the guards, with the 3-techniques shooting up the field. They team tackle. They gang tackle everything. So if you look at it, it's really hard to score touchdowns in the red zone because they play their defense and they all swarm and rally to the ball."

Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield on Ryans: "I think DeMeco has done a great job of getting these guys lined up and playing extremely hard. He knows that system in and out. He's got some good veteran guys that are able to run it. They present their own issues."

Bowles on Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud: "Is playing very smart football. They don't turn it over. He makes very good throws, he's got a very good arm. He's got a very quick-flick wrist, he's very accurate all the way around. He knows where to go with the football, he has a good grasp of the offense. That's rare for a rookie."

Canales on Stroud: "Discipline. I know he's getting coached really hard in a system very similar to what they were doing in San Francisco. They ask the quarterback to be very disciplined. Your first progression and then check it down, and that's what you see from C.J.. He's playing smart football. He's taking care of it. On top of all that, he's a really talented passer and he's taking advantage of some of the shots he has down the field. I'm not surprised, but you definitely don't see rookies come in with that kind of maturity and discipline to be able to play like that."

Buccaneers linebacker Lavonte David on Stroud: "He's not playing like a rookie quarterback. He's very poised in the pocket. He can make all the right decisions. He can make all the right throws. He knows where guys are supposed to be. He doesn't make the silly mistakes that you kind of see out of young quarterbacks. He's controlling their offense really well. He's definitely holding up his end of the bargain as the number 2 overall pick."

Buccaneers nose tackle Vita Vea on Stroud: "Most rookie quarterbacks, when you see them, you see them struggle in their first year. You don't see that in C.J. It definitely makes it harder on us. He's been doing a good job this year. He's probably one of the best out of all the rookie quarterbacks that are playing right now. It'll definitely be a big challenge for us."

Buccaneers outside linebacker Shaquil Barrett on Stroud "I know he is one that gives a few extra chances. [He will] probably try to hold the ball, make a play with his legs from time to time, so it's going to give us couple of chances to get there."

Buccaneers cornerback Jamel Dean on Stroud: "He's a quarterback that makes great decisions, and he understands his offense to a T. He doesn't make too many mistakes. He's real disciplined. You've got to treat him like he's a vet."

Mayfield on the Texans secondary: "They're really good. I think they react to the ball well, I think they tackle well.

Mayfield on the Texans' pass rush: "They have their two edge guys that present their own issues. I know they haven't had as many sacks as they want, but they play really hard, so they're always in pursuit. There are a lot of QB hurries on tape where they're getting to the quarterback, affecting throws and doing things like that. The numbers aren't there that they want statistically, but I think it definitely has the same effect."

Buccaneers offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs on what he's noticed about the Texans' defense: "Just how they're swarming to the ball. I think they've put a big emphasis on that these past couple weeks. Just flying around. The big thing for us is trying our best to finish with our hands on the guy we're blocking. So, keep them from piling on the runner."

Wirfs on Texans defensive end Will Anderson, Jr.: "Very explosive. Always churning his legs. Always fighting. Very good get-off. He flips (sides) back-and-forth."

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