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The Cincinnati Bengals are talking about the Texans | Enemy Intel


Bengals Head Coach Zac Taylor on the Texans: "They're a good team. They're well-coached. They've got really good talent in all three phases. They've done a great job on special teams. They've got the right people on defense. They've got a mixture of veterans and some young guys that they've taken.

Taylor on Texans Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: "It's no surprise that he's had the career that he's had. The transition to the NFL as a coach. He made that impact in San Fran. He's immediately making that impact on Houston. So it's not a surprise he's established the culture he has. I just remember watching the video of when got hired. He walked in that building and you saw all the employees there, the genuine excitement. So that just tells you enough about the person and the impact that he's going to have on the whole organization, the city, and he's done that."

Bengals Quarterback Joe Burrow on the Texans Defense: "They're sound. They play hard. Their d-line is disruptive. So it's going to be a challenge for us."

Taylor on the Texans Defense: "They understand their schemes, number one. That staff has brought in people that are comfortable with that scheme. When you look at Denzel Perryman and you look at Jimmie Ward, and even Shaquill Griffin, guys that have played in that style of defense before and then you're adding the youth and the draft picks that they've added as well. They play really hard. Those are things that you see when you're playing San Fran and you're playing Seattle."

Taylor on the Texans coaching staff: "You can just see it in the way their guys operate with confidence. That's usually the mark of a good system: guys doing the right things and they've got good coaches there."

Taylor on the Texans Offense: "Offensively, they've just done an outstanding job, starting with the quarterback. They've done a really good job structuring the offense around him, and getting the most out of him, and he's playing at a really high level. You can see the confidence in the receivers and the tight ends. They're playing fast and they're making a lot of plays, and putting a lot of pressure on defenses."

Taylor on Stroud: "For a rookie to come in there and play the way he's done, it's been really, really good. We've got a great test in front of us that our guys have got to be ready for."

Burrow on Stroud: "He's playing really well. That's always exciting when you have guys who come into the league and play well. I know C.J.. I know the kind of guy he is. It doesn't surprise he's playing as well as he is. I know he's going to continue to work as hard as he can to maintain that success. He seems to be a guy that's always dialed in. Always wants to learn from people. Always wants to get better. When you have those combinations it usually works out for guys."

Bengals Wide Receiver Tyler Boyd on Stroud: "They've got the young quarterback. He's a great talent. His numbers are crazy, too. You can talk about him as MVP as well (with Joe Burrow)."

Taylor on Texans Wide Receiver Tank Dell: "Really good player. Real explosive. Did a good job there in Houston as a receiver and the return game, and he's immediately making his mark there. That's really not much of a surprise to any of us that watched him in college. He's got great awareness. He does a really good job playing on time with anticipation. There's a lot of really good things that stand out about him."

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