The Colts are talking about the Texans | Enemy Intel

Indianapolis LB Darius Leonard on Texans QB Deshaun Watson: "He is by far the best guy I've ever played against just in-the-pocket awareness. He has great contact balance in the pocket. He extends plays and he is elusive. You look at the difference between last year and this year, he had D-Hop (DeAndre Hopkins) and everything. Now without D-Hop, he has so many injuries in the receiving room and he's still finding a way to ball out. That's what makes him great – just stepping up to the challenge each week. I know every chance we get a chance to play against him, that's when you really say, 'Okay you're playing against someone great. All the weight is on your shoulders.' You have to make sure that you do your job, make sure you keep him in the pocket or whatever it comes. Just know that it's going to be challenge and make sure that you step up."

Indianapolis OLB Justin Houston on Watson: "You've definitely gotta get to him because he's definitely a bigtime playmaker. He can make a big play in a heartbeat."

Indianapolis safety Khari Willis on Watson: "He presents challenges. He can run it, he can throw it. He's a strong guy, smart football player, a great competitor. Whenever you're playing against a guy with not just physical abilities but who you can see his evolvement year to year with his throwing and reading defenses and stuff like that.

Leonard on his familiarity with the Texans offense, since the Colts play Houston twice yearly: "When it comes down to game plan and everything you know the opponent so well and you know what formation their going to come out in. You know exactly what they are going to run. You know what you played against them, so you know what works and what doesn't work. Now, it's just how can we be better? That's the main thing now. You know exactly what's going on. They know exactly what you're going to do, and we know what they are going to do. That's one thing about playing in the division, you know your opponent so well and I think – this is my sixth or seventh time playing against them. Their offense hasn't changed since I've been in this league, so I know them like the back of my hand. Now we just have to go out and execute the game plan."

Indianapolis WR T.Y. Hilton on Texans DE J.J. Watt: "He's one of those guys that can wreck a game if you let him. You have to pay close attention to him, know where he's at and just try to eliminate him from the game. You know it's going to be tough but you have to know where he is at. If we know where he is at, we'll be all right, but he is one of those guys that can really change the game if you let him."

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