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The Jaguars are saying some things about the Texans | Enemy Intel


Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson on Texans Head Coach DeMeco Ryans and the defense: "These guys fly around. They play with a lot of speed, enthusiasm and aggression. It was just a tribute to what DeMeco is doing down there. He's changing that culture. A good football team, a scheme that we're familiar with defensively, but they're playing extremely well."

Jaguars Offensive Coordinator Press Taylor on the Texans defense: "Obviously, they have talented edge players, they have good solid interior players as well to let the linebackers clean everything up from there. You can see that early on in their system, this is game three for them, playing in a new system for some of the guys. A lot of the free agent acquisitions, they all came up in the system somewhere or another. They're familiar with it, but you can see it starting to get implemented and they're doing a good job. They're playing really, really hard."

Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence on Denzel Perryman and the Texans linebackers: "The linebackers fly around. We've played Denzel last year when he was with Vegas and now he's with the Texans. They've got some young guys in there that are playing good, and the backend they've had some injuries early on, but they've been flying around playing great."

Pederson on Texans QB C.J. Stroud: "Obviously they're young on offense with the quarterback and everything, but he's a talented player. Dangerous out of the pocket, throws well on the run. Keeping things relatively simple where he can just play fast and free and doesn't have to think about a lot of things. Using his skillset and getting him out of the pocket, he's completing about 64% of his throws right now which is pretty good for a young player. Two touchdowns, no interceptions. Those are all things that will keep gaining experience for him as he plays each week."

Jaguars Defensive Coordinator Mike Caldwell on Stroud: "He's a guy that I knew a little bit coming into college. My brother-in-law was with him and I kept hearing about him, about how he's a great college quarterback and he can do this. Watching him on film, he's poised back there and he hasn't thrown an interception yet. He's completing so many – I think he's up in the 60% of his completions. He's a guy that's poised, has good accuracy and he's a quarterback that stands back in the pocket and makes good decisions."

Caldwell on the Texans wide receivers: "They're big outside. They're big guys and once they get the ball in their hand, they're hard to tackle. They're guys that are just going to go up and compete for the ball. He's a quarterback that can throw the ball and put it in the right spot, and they're big receivers that can get up and fight for it and go get it." 

Pederson on Texans DE Will Anderson, Jr. and the defense: "They drafted him for a reason, to come in and add some pass rush. With DeMeco's experience with the San Francisco defense, then you got [Texans Defensive Coordinator] Matt Burke who was with me in Philly and Jim Schwartz, kind of that wide-nine. There's a similarity there and that's why they got a guy like Will. He can get him in a 9-technique, and he can rush. [Texans DE Jonathan] Greenard is on the other side doing the same thing, these two guys can get after the passer. You put the film on, and you can't go to sleep on them. You got two veteran guys inside that can push the pocket. This is a good group up front."

Taylor on Anderson, Jr.: "He's a good player, he's disruptive. He's a guy that, for a long time, when you go to the scouting combine you talk to players and Alabama, who would you bring with you? That's a common question. What teammate would you bring with you? Just to get research. For a couple of years, you've heard the name Will Anderson. I don't pay much attention to the defensive guys coming out of the draft and stuff, but I certainly knew his name. When they were able to get him back in there and get him at three, and he's in the division, you're not exactly excited about that."

Lawrence on Anderson, Jr. and the defense: "He's a great player. You look at San Francisco and where Coach Ryans came from, that's what he's trying to do in Houston and that scheme is carrying over, it all starts with the guys up front. They got a good group up front that really make it go."

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