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The Jets are talking about the Texans | Enemy Intel

Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh on Texans Defensive Coordinator Lovie Smith's Defense: "So much respect for [Smith] and a lot of the principles we teach is all from that same Lovie, Monty Kiffin school of thought. They're doing a really good job of mixing things up. They have a young defense, very active front. Justin Reid, I had a chance to coach his brother, he's pretty damn good. They're active. They're a good group."

Jets RB Ty Johnson on the Texans defense: "They're a penetrating front. They've got guys that can bump and shed really well. Their line, they run. Whatever way you're running, if you're running a wide zone or anything, they're running. They're good. Their line, they're having chaos upfront."

Saleh on Texans QB Tyrod Taylor: "Clearly they're winning football games with him under center. He is a problem. I've always had a lot of respect for Tyrod. He's getting the ball where it needs to go. He can scramble. He can do all those things.

Jets Defensive Coordinator Jeff Ulbrich on Taylor: "Gosh. I don't know if I've beat Tyrod. He is an absolute pain in the ass because he's got speed and athleticism, but he's got a competitiveness to him, that he embodies the 'be at your best when your best is required'. He's a guy when you need to move the sticks, he moves the sticks. Obviously, we've got to be great on the back end. Arm is definitely a threat. Legs are just as much of a threat."

Saleh on the Texans offense: "They have a disciplined style of offense, in terms of the way they marry their run and their pass game."

Ulbrich on Texans WR Brandin Cooks: "He's got gas. He's got speed. He can run the race route. The go ball. All the stuff vertical is a problem with him."

The Texan will host the Jets on Sunday at NRG Stadium on CBS and SportsRadio 610. Kickoff is set for noon CT. Click here for tickets.

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