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The Leftovers: O-line changes, backup QB & more

Drew Dougherty answered a few fan questions submitted via Facebook in the video above. He answered quite a few more in the article below.

Matthew Garza: Dear Drew, Will the Texans be looking into hiring an offensive coordinator?

DD: Matthew, head coach Bill O'Brien was asked about this the day after the season ended. He didn't say yes or no, but instead: "We'll take a look at everything. We always try to make the best decisions in the best interest of winning." Sounds to me like he'll consider hiring an offensive coordinator or changing up who calls the plays.

Steve Hicks: Dear Drew, Will the Texans draft another young backup QB? Or sign a free agent to backup Deshaun Watson, or stay with Brandon Weeden?

DD: Weeden was the backup in 2018, and he'll be a free agent. He said he likes it here, and Watson said a lot of good things about how helpful Weeden is as a teammate. There's a good chance he returns. There's also a decent chance the front office will draft a quarterback in the later rounds if they see a player of value slip.

Jonathon Lovil: Dear Drew, Do you see Martinas Rankin as a starting guard next year? Also do you think GM Brain Gaine might trade down in order to get more picks?

DD: Jonathon, I know the Texans love how versatile Rankin is, so I could definitely see him competing for a spot at guard. As far as Gaine and trades down go, I'd be mildly surprised. He and the Texans weren't able to pick until the third round last year, and now they have three picks in the first two rounds. I'm pretty sure he's going to use those three this year. If anything, I think he'd be more prone to trade up, rather than down.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, This is kind of a weird gray area in the offseason, isn't it? Are there any important dates for the Texans coming up that fans should know/remember?

DD: There sure are. We even put a little article up on about them. You can read it **HERE**.

Ely VonDoom: Dear Drew, Realistically, how many years do you think it's going to take until the Texans can even play in a Super Bowl game?

DD: When you win 11 games, you're not far off. Especially when you have a dynamic quarterback, which the Texans do with Watson. As long as he's under center and on the field, the Texans have a chance to beat anyone. So, next year it could happen. Doesn't mean it will, but it can.

Corey Titus: Dear Drew, Do you see any crazy trades this off season for any star players or trades in general?

DD: Great question, Corey. Gaine traded for receiver Demaryius Thomas during the season. That was a pretty big deal at the time. Not sure we'll see something like that in the offseason, though.

Kyle Scott: Dear Drew, Do you expect to see Kevin Johnson in a Texans uniform?

DD: I think so, Kyle. He's had rotten luck with injuries and then last season with the concussion. But at the end of the year, he spoke about how much better he's doing. He had a strong training camp last August, but got derailed by a concussion in the second preseason game, and then the first week of the regular season. The talent is there. He just needs some better luck on the health end.

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