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The Texans (0-1) host the Ravens (1-0) on Sunday at 3:25 p.m. CT inside NRG Stadium. Baltimore's coaches and players spoke about the Texans. The quotes below were gathered from the team's official transcripts, as well as from

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh on the Texans offense: "They have a number of good receivers. They have four really good receivers who are all high-, high-end receivers in the National Football League. Two excellent tight ends and two running backs who are excellent receivers. So, they have a lot of weapons in the passing game to go with QB Deshaun Watson."

OLB Matthew Judon on the Texans offense: "They have a great quarterback – one of the best in the NFL – and he has a good supporting cast. He has a good line; he has a good running back; he has playmaking wide receivers. So, we just can't sleep on them."

Harbaugh on Watson: "He is one of the best in the league, and that's what he does. He actually holds the ball longer than anybody in the league. I think their offensive line does a good job; the scheme is part of that, but it's really mainly him. And he does it to create opportunities for the pass game. He'll throw it; he'll throw it to anybody. He'll throw it deep. He'll throw it short. He'll throw it to every different receiver – you saw that last week – and he'll run. It's a big concern for a defense – a major problem for any defense. And we're working to try to figure it out this week."

Ravens defensive coordinator Wink Martindale on Watson: "He gets better every year. He's a proven quarterback for a reason. It was just one of those days last year. He, to me is like a LeBron James type player in the NFL instead of the NBA. He's a general. He's a point guard out there. We respect his game."

Harbaugh on Texans WR Will Fuller, V: "He's a high yards-per-catch guy, and he's also an excellent contested-catch player. He's one of the best in the league at taking away contested catches; you see his back shoulders and things like that. So, he's a go-to receiver, for sure. Very talented, very fast,definitely someone that we have to mark.

Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman on Texans DE J.J. Watt: "He's still wrecking things. He looks quick as ever. Year after year, I've seen him wreck games. Got a very unique style. I told the players, it's like Lamar (Jackson) when Lamar runs the ball. It's really hard to get a good hit on him. He just knows how to defeat blocks and he's very unique. Some people who would try to do that, it would absolutely end disastrously. But he's got the balance, quickness, to set up the offensive lineman or blocker, show him one thing and give him something else. He has a really good instinct on when to take those chances and understands angles in real time. It's hard to get a really crushing block on him because he's a very slippery yet powerful player."

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson on the Texans defense: "They've got some dudes at linebacker, some thumpers. Everyone, it's all eleven at the ball at all times. It's the same team we played against last year, plus J.J. Watt. I know those guys are going to be explosive and ready to play, so we just have to prepare well."

Ravens OL Matt Skura on the Texans defensive front: "Their defensive line – and their defensive front in general – is very experienced. It all starts with J.J. Watt, and they have a bunch of really big, physical linebackers. And also, just an experienced defensive front. We're just going to have to be great with our technique, our assignment, communication. That's just going to be the biggest thing for us as an offensive line, and just as an offense as a unit."

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