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The Ravens are talking about the Texans | Enemy Intel 


Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh on the Texans: "They've steadily improved every single week. I thought they were a very good football team [in] Week One. If you go back and check your records, you'll find that. They haven't surprised me, or they haven't surprised us. They've done pretty much what I thought they were going to do. They are a very good football team. They are very talented. They play very hard. They execute at a high level. C.J. [Stroud] is just doing a phenomenal job. Nico Collins, [a] Michigan guy, man, he's a go-to guy for them. [They have] a lot of skill players [and a] good offensive line playing very physical. [Their] defense is all over the field, as you'd expect, obviously. [They are] just a really good football team." 

Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson on the Texans: "They are more in sync as a team. I believe [in Week 1] they had new guys getting used to the [new head] coach. They are playing lights out ball right now." 

Ravens Linebacker Roquan Smith on the Texans: "They do a lot of good things. [No.] 26 [Devin Singletary] is running the ball well. [No.] 7 [C.J. Stroud] is very accurate, and then [No.] 12 [Nico Collins], the receiver, is definitely coming on. The offense is definitely clicking, but we wouldn't want it any other way."

Ravens Safety Geno Stone on the Texans: "They're a whole different team. I feel like C.J. Stroud has come into his own throughout the year. He showed it throughout the whole year, and guys like Nico Collins are starting to step up a lot. Singletary came along, too, from the beginning of the year, so I think that whole group is playing together as a collective group, and they have their confidence, and they have a great coach over there in DeMeco [Ryans]. I think they're just all playing behind each other right now and playing really well." 

Ravens Outside Linebacker Odafe Oweh on the Texans: "I feel like [the Texans] are a whole different team, C.J. is a whole different QB. I feel like we woke them up, and we matured them, and he's been balling ever since. I've got a lot of respect for him and everything, but I feel like everyone on that team is a little different. In the playoffs, obviously, people play harder, so we've got to come with a different energy as well." 

Ravens Outside Linebacker Kyle Van Noy on the Texans offense: C.J. Stroud has played tremendous for them. Nico Collins has done a really good job, and then Singletary running the ball. So, I think, collectively, C.J. Stroud has kind of overshadowed some of the guys that have been playing really, really well. But they've been a really complete offense, and they've done a really good job of attacking downfield and running the ball.

Jackson on Texans Quarterback C.J. Stroud's performance in playoff debut: "From my experience, he played better than I did from my rookie playoff game, I would say that. He was throwing the ball all over the field, making things happen. He did great. He has been getting nonstop attention on TV. That's a guy you are going to see day in and day out. [No.] 7 – he is throwing the ball all over the field. Even when one of his star receivers, Tank Dell, went down, he has still been making things happen with the guys he has."

Oweh on Stroud: "Just really accurate, really poised in that pocket, even [when] there is some pressure in there; I'll say that he's done a better job [at] that. And I feel like, the first game we played them, he would sense me or sense a rusher and get rattled and try to throw it out, [instead of] sitting in there and looking at his reads. I'll say he's more calm and poised, which is ... It was [his] first game as a rookie, so I wasn't expecting. I might have talked to him after; I was just like, 'Keep going. You're going to be good, man. You're straight. We're the Ravens, so you can't base everything off this one game.'"* (laughter)* "But I feel like he's a good player – confident, too. He's doing big things in Houston."

Ravens Defensive Back Brandon Stephens on Stroud: "Pretty good quarterback, can make all the throws. Definitely has a better sense of his offense, but it goes without saying, we just have to do our job, make it difficult on him [by] making the reads difficult for him and just make it tough for the offense in general."

Stone on Stroud: "Can make any throw from any part of the field. He has that big arm, and he's playing smart with the ball. He's not putting the ball in jeopardy, so he's making plays for his guys and being smart with the ball. That's my biggest takeaway from [watching] him." 

Van Noy on the Texans offensive line: "I think something that not many people have talked about is their O-line play and how well they have performed. [My] former teammate over there, Shaq Mason, is playing really, really good football, as well as [Laremy] Tunsil and [Michael] Deiter, their center. They are just doing a really good job, as a group, playing."

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