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Ok, at seven games in, it's probably not accurate to call this a 'start' since we're almost at the halfway point of the season. But let's go with it, shall we?

The record at 1-6 ties the Texans with the '05 campaign for the roughest start through seven games. That team actually came out of the gate at 0-6 before beating Cleveland. Dom Capers eventually lost his job as the squad went 2-14.

The '13 crew would go 2-14 with Gary Kubiak departing with three games to go. The Texans started 2-5 that year, as you may recall. In fact, at 2-0, people were feeling pretty good before things started to go sideways.

Now you're wondering about 2010. Well, the Texans finished 6-10 and had all those painful losses at or near the buzzer to Baltimore, San Diego, The Jets, Jacksonville, Philly (stop me!). But that team started 4-2 and we thought would do a whole lot better.

2017 had a hard-to-digest 1-8 finish after Deshaun Watson's knee injury.

Rough seasons lead to change. The '05 and '13 seasons led to coaching changes. The '10 season brought in Wade Phillips to coach the defense. The '17 season led to a GM change. We're already going through a coaching change here in 2020.

Beware the media saying they warned you this would happen. They didn't know. Go check their preseason predictions. Most of them had the Texans winning the division or in the playoffs. They may have balked at some of the offseason moves but they still believed the team would win. This was the case in '05 and '13 too.

There's a fine line between wins and losses in this league and the Texans have been on the wrong side of it too often so far. They'll do their best to snap out of it as quickly as possible. But all they can do now is worry about self-correcting this week and beating the Jags next week.

I'm hoping the final record turns out to be a lot better than some of the final totals mentioned above. Yes, I'm the Norman Vincent Peale of Sports Talk Radio. It's served me well in life.

It's like when I asked Bob McNair why he's always so positive. "I don't know too many successful people who are negative, do you?" Touche!

Let's take it week by week and watch the games (and listen to them too, please!).

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