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Training Camp is here, Vince Wilfork, Eye of the Tiger | Daily Brew


Training Camp is almost here.

In 48 hours, the Texans will be wrapping up their first camp practice of 2023.

After a quiet final football-less weekend, we're set for some sort of NFL action from now through every weekend until about Valentine's Day.

With that in mind, today's Brew focuses on tight ends current and past and Survivor.

Former Texans defensive lineman Vince Wilfork was a helluva player and was also great for some 'Hard Knocks' moments.

The tight ends will be an interesting group to follow this season. Our very own John Harris broke down current crop right HERE.

Also, J.J. Watt played tight end in high school, a little bit at the start of his college career, and a little bit in 2014 with the Texans. He doesn't have an NFL training camp to attend for the first time since his final year at Wisconsin in 2010. Even then, and the seven or so years before that, he was in some sort of preseason football camp. Here's how he's spending his time...

Do you have the eye of the tiger? If not, listen to Survivor. They went all the way to #1 (I feel like Casey Kasem typing that...and it feels pretty good.) with that hit this week back in 1982.

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