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Aaron Rodger's guest-hosting stint on Jeopardy reminds me of what certain Texans have done on national TV over the years.

Everyone will point to J.J. Watt, who has hosted Saturday Night Live, made guest appearances on New Girl, The League and has even co-hosted Ultimate Tag with his brothers.

Arian Foster had a memorable visit on Hawaii 5-0 that was shot when he was at the Pro Bowl following the 2012 campaign.

You can also add David Carr in the mix. His career here didn't go according to plan, but he's made a nice post-playing gig for himself as an analyst on the NFL Network.

Dan Orlovksy and Matt Leinart were each here for only a season, but they're certainly worth mentioning. Leinart played in the NFL for six years, but when you Google search him, his IMDB page comes up way before his football stats. IMDB describes him as a writer and an actor without mentioning football. He's done plenty of analysis work on Fox College Football broadcasts. Orlovsky is an analyst for ESPN.

As far as appearing on a variety of national TV broadcasts and being a long time Texan, Watt has only one rival, or is it two? Chester Pitts and Ephraim Salaam.

Pitts and Salaam won a Super Bowl ad contest that put them in the big game broadcast following the 2007 season. The spot focused on Salaam 'discovering' Chester at a grocery store in San Diego while they were at San Diego State. They had great on-screen chemistry and subsequently appeared on Ellen many times. They even did a stint together on the Amazing Race.

Salaam was with the team for three seasons, but Chester is an original Texan who played eight years in Houston.

This piece focuses on national TV only. Plenty of former Texans have worked on local and regional television. If I missed anyone on the national scene, hit me up @TexansVoice on Twitter.

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