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Tytus Howard's big award and Texans go bowling | Daily Brew

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Friday's Daily Brew is as hot as the weekend ahead, filled to the brim on-field and off-field news from SI's 2023 Texans preview and predictions to a quick science lesson in orange skies. But let's get the biggest story out at the top:

Tytus Howard will be honored as the NFLPA 2023 Black College Pro Player of the Year!

The award is presented annually to a top professional football player who attended a Historically Black College and University (HBCU). Howard played four seasons at Alabama State before the Texans drafted him with a first-round pick (23rd overall) in the 2019 NFL Draft.

So, can we get him his Madden code already?

STRIKE! To wrap up OTAs this week, Texans players and coaches went bowling and tried out some other sporting games at Palace Social for a team-building event.

The Houston Texans players and coaches enjoyed an evening of team bonding at Palace Social Indoor Playcenter.

If you're hearing about Tank Dell's impressive ability to get in and out of cuts and wondering just what that means, wonder no more! John Harris breaks down exactly what he sees when the speedy rookie wide receiver runs a route.

QB Case Keenum has plenty of trick (shots) up his sleeve from his football camp last weekend.

Texans Talk

  •'s season preview series features an NFL team per day and finally landed on the Houston Texans Friday. Hiring DeMeco Ryans and drafting C.J. Stroud and Will Anderson Jr. back-to-back are listed as the biggest additions this year (obvi). But check out some of the other key highlights: Breakout player to watch: Derek Stingley Jr. Sleeper fantasy pick: WR Nico Collins X Factor: TE Dalton Schultz Best Bet: C.J. Stroud to surpass 3400.5 passing yards
  • Dameon Pierce had a hilarious first impression of DeMeco Ryans:
    "I didn't know Coach Meco was that big," Pierce said while laughing and flexing his muscles. "I thought Coach Meco was like a player at first. I was like, 'That's Coach Meco, he's rock solid.' But he's a cool guy. Great guy, down to earth."
  • Since it's Flashback Friday, let's take a stroll down memory lane and revisit some highlights from Pierce's rookie campaign:

An update from Thursday's Daily Brew, Stroud, Will Anderson Jr. and Tank Dell all painted the Texans team logo as part of a fun NFL experience. Forget that one fan called Anderson's painted logo a "Fourth of July edition of Blues Clues," now you can WEAR IT ON A SHIRT!

One non-football thing that I'm obsessed with today...

  • Why have the wildfires turned the sky orange in New York and the Northeast? There's a science lesson here...I saw Al Roker give this explanation on the Today Show and it makes perfect sense. Smoke particles are bigger than regular-old air particles so they scatter longer wavelengths of color such as red and orange!

Class adjourned!

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