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Houston Texans

VanderMock 2.0

We're getting close to the draft and my emails to the football brass with suggested Texans selections keep bouncing back to me (I have to call IT about this).

Here it is, for entertainment and lockdown diversion purposes, my second attempt (the first one is getting a bit moldy) at nailing down a good Texans draft…

Round 2 Zach Baun OLB Wisconsin

The Badgers still trail Clemson when it comes to yielding great Texans players but here's a chance to catch up. You've heard of J.J. Watt and Owen Daniels. And Garrett Graham was a solid tight end here. Baun had 12.5 sacks last year. He'll play special teams and work his way into pass rush situations quickly.

Round 3 Jeremy Chinn S Southern Illinois

He can run and he can play in the box as needed. His 4.45 speed will be a big help in coverage and on 'teams. The last safety the Texans took in round three turned out to be pretty darn good. Does anyone outside of Illinois or the dog breeding world know what a Saluki is?

Round 4 DaVon Hamilton NT Ohio State

Ohio State's log jam inside meant that he didn't get the playing time to shine until last season. Then he took off, with six sacks and 28 tackles. At 6-3, 325, you might need a fork lift to move him out of the way. Two Big Ten players in the first three picks and everyone from up North so far? I'm going to take some heat for this.

Round 5 John Hightower WR Boise State

I know what you're thinking…'Don't we have enough.' Enough is not a number that exists in the NFL. Hightower has speed, size and return ability that should put him in position to contribute to wins on Sundays. He's 6-1, 190 and runs a 4.42. Fun fact: The average age of the current Boise player was six when they won the Fiesta Bowl with that famous Statue of Liberty play. Uggh.

Round 7 John Reid CB Penn State

The pundits project him as a slot corner. He'll have to play special teams well and earn his way in. No, Bill O'Brien did not coach him when he mentored the Nittany Lions (Dude, he left there after the 2013 season).

Round 7 Ben Cleveland G Georgia

At 6-7 and 340 he might need two lockers. He would have gotten more playing time if the Bulldogs' line wasn't serving as an NFL mini farm system in 2019. I believe it's a federal law that you have to take at least one SEC player in each NFL draft, so here he is.

Round 7 Jonathan Ward RB Central Michigan

Ok, you're thinking I took him because once upon a time I was the voice of the Chippewas (maaaaybeee). Look, he's fast enough, big enough, can catch and he's got a Gibralter-sized chip on his shoulder. He's a great kid who needs to get into a camp. If he stays healthy, he could be dangerous.