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Houston Texans

What are the Chiefs saying about the Texans? | Enemy Intel

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid on Texans Head Coach Lovie Smith
"I think he's a heck of a guy and a great coach. He came from that Tampa 2 group of coaches that did that. He's evolved with that and with the way the game is now. He's going to give you a great defense that plays hard and aggressive. An offense that's tough. Just the fact that they used two quarterbacks and platooned them. It wasn't because one wasn't doing well, but they platooned him in. He's not afraid to do whatever he has to do to win the game. His guys play hard for him. You have to be prepared and ready to go."

Chiefs Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo on the Texans
"It's a good football team. Well-coached. They still have players. I'm expecting a real tough battle here. They played Dallas really well. They gained some confidence. They've got two quarterbacks now. They scored some points. They almost win the game. That's a scary team. So we better be ready."

Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes on the Texans
"They play hard. They're well-coached. Obviously, Lovie's done a lot of great things in the league. You've got to go in there with the mentality that you've got to play your best football. They have a lot of talented young guys who play hard."

Chiefs Safety Justin Reid on the Texans quarterbacks
"They have a unique 1-2 combo. They've got a good 1-2 punch that they're trying to work. You're preparing for two different quarterbacks. So a lot of focus ends up being 'Who's the guy under center?' That changes the way we're going to play, a little bit."

Reid on Texans Quarterback Davis Mills
"Davis Mills is a little bit more of the pocket passer. That guy is very, very accurate whenever he's able to get comfortable in the pocket and deliver balls on rhythm timing."

Spagnuolo on Texans Quarterback Jeff Driskel
"Let's not be fooled: he can still throw it. He didn't throw it a lot last week, but that doesn't mean he's not going to line up and throw the ball this week. So we've got to be on target with what we do."

Reid on Driskel
"I kind of liken him to Taysom Hill. A guy who can get gritty. A lot of quarterback option. Physical runner. Good speed."

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