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What are the Commanders saying about the Texans? | Enemy Intel

Washington Head Coach Ron Rivera on Texans Head Coach Lovie Smith

"Coach Smith has a plan. He does things very regimented and he is very steadfast in the way he does it, which I really believe is one of the right ways to do it."

Rivera on Texans Quarterback Davis Mills

"Very smart, saavy football player. For the most part, I think he makes good decisions. I think Davis is learning and growing along the lines. They want to be a physical, running team. Live off the play-action, and play stout defense."

Rivera on Texans Running Back Dameon Pierce

"He's a physical guy that runs downhill. He's got a good plant and counter, in terms of being able to see something with vision and make a cutback. I like the fact that he is a downhill, physical guy."

Rivera on Texans Defensive Back Derek Stingley, Jr.

"We know who Derek Stingley is. He's a young man who fits that mold. He's built a little bit like Charles Tillman. He's got good size. Good length. And he's got good ball skills. Guys like that fit very well. Because of his gifts, he can become a very formidable player in that style of defense."

Washington Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio on QB Davis Mills

"I think Mills is a good young quarterback. He's got a live arm. He's intelligent. We're preparing to do all we can to help slow him down. We have a lot of respect for what they're doing, and how they're operating."

Del Rio on Pierce

"When you watch the film, it gets your attention. He runs extremely hard. They do a good job with design and execution. I think he's as hard a runner as there is in the game."

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