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What are the Jaguars are saying about the Texans? | Enemy Intel

Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson on the Texans
"Just put on the tape. Really what they've done here in the last month, they're playing pretty good, even though they've lost a couple close ones. This is a really good team. I know their record doesn't really reflect that, but they beat us before. They won last week, and they're in our division. So we know what this game means."

Jaguars Safety Andre Cisco on the Texans
"You understand it's going to be a battle. A division battle, and it's the same thing every time. Tough fight. And that's what we're looking forward to. A long, hard-fought game."

Jaguars Linebacker Foye Oluokun on the Texans Offense
"We had a couple chances to help our offense out and keep them down, pinned in. A couple of missed tackles, here and there. They had a nice running game toward the end. Their last drive, they kind of out-physicaled us."

Pederson on the Texans Defense
"They've dialed back a little bit of their pressure on defense. It's a sound football team. I look at them on defense, and they're a top-10 team in takeaways. They've played well this last month of the season. Good football team. Well-coached. Disciplined. They do things right."

Jaguars Quarterback Trevor Lawrence on the Texans Defense
"Really good defense. They're not giving up many points. They're really good in the red zone. Obviously, we didn't score much on them when we were here in October. So this is a challenge for us."

Jaguars Offensive Lineman Jawaan Taylor on Texans Defense
"Very fast. A front that plays hard. A whole unit that plays hard. We've got our hands full. We've just got to go out there and put together a good game plan."

Jaguars Wide Receiver Christian Kirk on the Texans Defense
"Our last outing against them was a tough one for us. They got the best of us. They came out and they punched us in the mouth. For us, it's just an opportunity to respond. It's a good football team with a good defense. They're physical and they play with a lot of effort. So for us, there can be no lack of intensity and discipline in what we do."

Pederson on Quarterback Jeff Driskel
"The offense, you're seeing Driskel a little bit more, playing quarterback into the RPO zone-read world. Running the football with him.

Pederson on the Texans using Driskel and Davis Mills in a 2-Quarterback system
"We have to have a good week of preparation, understanding what they're trying to get done. We've got to be aware of it. Prepared for it, and handle it the right way."

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