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What are the Raiders saying about the Texans? | Enemy Intel

Raiders Head Coach Josh McDaniels on the Texans

"They have a very straightforward style. They're going to play no-nonsense football. They're tough. They're physical. They take care of the ball on offense. They create turnovers on defense. They're very good in the kicking game. That's one of the best teams that we'll play in terms of the challenge in the special teams area."

McDaniels on the Texans Defense

"This is a team that creates a lot of negative plays in the running game. Can turn the ball over. Got a lot of pass breakups. One of the leading teams in the league in terms of getting their hands on balls in the secondary. Some of that comes with the pressure that they get on the quarterback with the balls thrown too early."

McDaniels on Texans Defensive Back Derek Stingley Jr.

"Stingley's very sticky in coverage. Got really good transition ability, good ball skills. He's really learning how to do it at our level now. He's a guy you're going to have to be aware of in coverage, where he's at, what he's doing."

Raiders Offensive Coordinator Mick Lombardi on the Texans Defense

"They're good fundamentally, they tackle and they force turnovers. They really put stress on you as an offense in terms of focusing on your fundamentals, in terms of getting positive plays, staying true to your assignment and taking care of the ball. If you don't focus for one second, the Texans are going to make you pay. They're well-coached and they stay true to their assignment. They play fast and they play hard. They play hard for Lovie Smith."

Lombardi on the Texans Red Zone Defense

"It's a very good red zone defense. They were a good red zone defense last season. It goes back to the fundamentals. They really play their scheme very well."

Raiders Defensive Coordinator Patrick Graham on Texans Running Back Dameon Pierce

"What don't I like? I mean, I don't like that we've got to play him. But I appreciate good football players and good football. This dude is dynamic. He runs violently. He's a hard tackle. It's almost like he says 'Leave one guy in the hole, I'll take care of him, and y'all block the other guys.' He's really impressive. Especially for a guy that's so young. He's running the ball with intentions. As a defensive coach, you appreciate that part of it. You appreciate the challenge."

Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr on the Texans Defense

"I turned the film on, and they're one of the fastest defenses I've ever seen. They're punching balls out. They're picking passes off."

Raiders Cornerback Anthony Averett on Texans Wide Receiver Brandin Cooks

"He's definitely a fast guy, and you definitely have to respect his speed. He has true speed, but we're going to be prepared for it."

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