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What are the Titans are saying about the Texans? | Enemy Intel

Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel on the Texans Offense
"They've been able to work lately with these tight ends. Seems like they're really looking at them in the red zone. They've had success. The O-line's played well. Protected the quarterback. They've used the quarterback system to kind of force you to play a couple different looks and be prepared for a lot of things. That's something that we'll have to be prepared for as the game starts and it works its way through."

Titans Defensive Coordinator Shane Bowen on the Texans 2-Quarterback system
"We've got to see who's in the game for them. They'll put them both in there at times. It's a little bit different with what they're doing with each of them. Obviously they're doing it for a reason. They're doing different things that kind of create some advantageous looks for them. I think recognition during the game is going to be vital for us. We've got to know, we've got to understand which guy's in the game. Or if they're both in the game. They're going to have new stuff. We understand that. They're going to have wrinkles with both packages, with what they're asking those guys to do."

Titans Safety Kevin Byard on the Texans 2-Quarterback System
"They've been playing really good. They've been running this two-quarterback system with Driskel and Mills, and they've been playing really well. This is not going to be any type of cakewalk or anything like that. We're going to go out there and play really good football to beat this team at home."

Titans Quarterback Malik Willis on facing Texans again after he made first start vs. Texans earlier this season
"My first start was against them, but that doesn't matter too much. It's a little bit in the past. It's about going out there and trying to prepare for them this week. They've been playing hard games these last few teams they've been playing and you just got to respect them."

Bowen on Texans Quarterback Jeff Driskel
"He's got speed. He's big. He's strong. He's not sliding. He obviously can throw it, as well. He had the touchdown pass against Dallas, down in the red zone, where he threw it up and the guy made a play."

Byard on Driskel
"When Driskel's in there, it's a little bit more leaning to the run. But obviously, he can throw. He's been a quarterback in this league for a long time."

Vrabel on the Texans Defense
"They have some really good veteran players that have played other places. Maliek Collins has been there. They've got some good youth. Jerry Hughes is a player that I've always had a respect for. It's a penetrating front, and it puts a lot of stress on you from that regard. They move and they attack and they pressure, and it'll be another huge challenge this week to limit that penetration and disruption that they like to create."

Vrabel on Texans Kicker Ka'imi Fairbairn and the special teams unit
"They're a very good special teams unit. Very good kickoff. I think they're first or second in kickoffs inside the 20-yard line. So, even in the dome, Fairbairn's kicking them up there and they're covering them extremely well."

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