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What the Chicago Bears are saying about the Texans | Enemy Intel

Chicago Head Coach Matt Eberflus on Texans Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator Lovie Smith's scheme

"They will come out and play varying coverages. Their front's going to be pretty much the same. But they do take off and they do cause some penetration with their front, and the way they disguise their coverages, I think is really good, too. Lovie's run this system a long time; he's mixed in a couple new things that we've seen and it's been good for them on a down-to-down basis."

Chicago Quarterback Justin Fields on the Texans Defense

"Their defense and our defense kind of come from the same family branch. So it's a lot of the same stuff. They play hard. They play fast. They play similar to us. So it's going to be a hard-fought game."

Chicago Tight End Cole Kmet on the Texans Defense

"They've got a front that's going to be rotating a lot between 10 guys. So they keep their guys fresh. They're a little lighter, but they're a nasty group. So they're definitely moving up front and we've got to be able to take care of that. But they're very similar to our defense, so it'll be a lot of training camp stuff for us."

Chicago OL Lucas Patrick on the Texans Defense

"It's a four-down Tampa-2 structure. They play hard. They run to the ball. Their 'backers are fast. Their d-line's fast and aggressive."

Chicago Defensive Coordinator Alan Williams on Texans RB Dameon Pierce

"Good player. Really, really good player. Quick. Spins. Can jump cut. Has some explosiveness in him. Good contact balance, which means on contact when he's getting hit, he doesn't stop his feet and he just keeps going. We're going to have our hands full, again."

Chicago Special Teams Coordinator Richard Hightower on Texans return man Tremon Smith

"They need to know that he already has a career (kickoff return for a) touchdown, which they already know. Quite a few of those guys know how good he is, and how dangerous he is. He's a really strong runner. You have to really tackle him. And gang tackle him. And hamstring tackle him. He's they type of guy who, if you just get a hand on him, he's not going down. He's a tough football player and we're looking forward to competing against him."

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