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We all know what most of the ink and airtime around this team has been about, but there is a long list of action items that need to be completed in order to reload the Texans for the upcoming campaign.

General Manager Nick Caserio has hit the ground running since being introduced almost three weeks ago. Of course, the head coach had to be hired, and now his staff. The Texans brass needs to sink their teeth into how to add to the roster through free agency and the draft.

"I've spent a lot of time going through our team, going through our roster, going back." Caserio told me, adding that he has close familiarity with the roster from previously facing the Texans.

The personnel department certainly has the deep-dive material on the current Texans, but what about the opinion of the incoming coaches?

"We'll give them the opportunity to evaluate the team," Caserio said. "We have a little bit of time but the first thing is going to be the new league year, March 17, with free agency, so we'll have to make some decisions or at least have a plan relative to what we may or may not do."

"We'll have to make some decisions to put ourselves in a position where we may have more activity or less activity depending on where we are with the whole salary cap situation."

Caserio won't show his hand on possible moves but acknowledges: "there's always transition every year in the NFL. Call it 25-30%, you're going to see some attrition. You're going to see some addition."

Obviously a significant part of the addition will be from the draft. The Texans currently have eight picks, starting in round three. There's no Scouting Combine this year, Pro Days might be scaled back and the Senior Bowl is in the books.

"That's really the only post season tool or mechanism that you have. We've accumulated a lot of information to this point with Liip (Director of College Scouting James Liipfert) and his staff, so really what you're trying to do is sift through some of that information and start to pare this down a little bit," Caserio said.

We're just getting started with the 2021 Texans. Get ready. The decisions made in the next 90 days will determine the immediate future of the franchise.

Newly announced Houston Texans general manager arrives in Houston, Texas.

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