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Wow. | Daily Brew


Boy oh boy, Wednesday April 3 was a day to remember. 

The busy offseason of 2024 for the Texans got a whole lot busier yesterday, and a seismic move was made by the club. 

We'll have much more on it very soon, but...WOW.

Elsewhere, quarterback C.J. Stroud was recently interviewed in a cold tub by Kevin Hart. Because, why not? 

You can watch it below...

Since Stroud was talking with Hart, now seems like a good time to review seven minutes worth of touchdowns from him in 2023. Watch it below...

We fired up the Mock Draft Round up earlier this week, and there were about 20 prominent mock drafts that had projections for at least the first two rounds. Since Houston traded it's 23rd overall pick to the Vikings a few weeks back, the Texans' first pick at 42nd overall, and in the second round. If the experts are correct, the Texans are taking a defender. Read it HERE.

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