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Houston Texans

10 Reasons Arian Foster is "a talented guy"

Arian Foster is off to a torrid start in 2014.

Four times he's gained 100 yards or more in a game, and he's third in the NFL with 513 yards on the ground. He's second in the League with five rushing touchdowns and has impressed Bill O'Brien.

The head coach said "nothing he does surprises me" and gave 10 reasons why Foster is "such a talented guy in a lot of different areas."

1."He's obviously a really good runner."

2."He's got great vision."

3."Great balance."

4."Body control."

5."He's big, so he's a strong runner."

6."He's able to run through arm tackles."

7."He's really good in the passing game."

8."He's got good hands."

9."He's got really good instincts against the different coverages that he sees,"

10."and he's a good pass protector."


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