12Q w/ILB Tyrell Adams | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: Many of your teammates have said you're the funniest Houston Texan. How come?
Adams: It's partly because I'm very goofy. And honestly, it's because on my social media channels I say some pretty goofy stuff. I'm always acting out, because being myself by making goofy comments. I just like to enjoy life.

2) DD: Which teammate makes YOU laugh?
Adams: Oh, that's an easy one: Dylan Cole. Dylan Cole is hilarious. If you follow him on Twitter, he is the funniest person ever. His comments are hilarious on other people's stuff.

3) DD: Which planet would you most like to visit and why?
Adams. Probably Saturn. I just want to see the rings.

4) DD: I understand you have a daughter. What's the most challenging part of being a dad?
Adams: She's five. The most challenging part is the patience. She test my patience a lot now. We were literally just on the phone and she's learning how to send me messages on my iPad. Not complete sentences, but just emojis.

5) DD: What's the emoji you use most often with her?
Adams: I send her the kissy face, and she's always like, 'Why are you kissing me all the time?'

6) DD: What movie or show that she watches, do you enjoy the most?
Adams: 'Hotel Transylvania'. We both enjoy that movie. She watches all three of them and I love them too.

7) DD: What's the last thing you cooked?
Adams: I cooked some Ramen noodles, Sunday after the Jaguars game.

8) DD: How do you cook them? Old school with a sauce pan on the stove? Or microwave?
Adams: I do them with a saucepan on the stove, boil water and throw them in a couple of minutes after that.

9) DD: If you could have a magical power, what would it be?
Adams: Probably the ability to disappear, or be invisible.

10) DD: What's your favorite thing for you to get complimented on?
Adams: Probably my dance moves. I'm a dancer. It doesn't matter as long as the song has a good beat, and is real vibey, I'm going to get jiggy to it.

11) DD: What is the perfect Thanksgiving plate?
Adams: First, we got to have some turkey. I like my turkey fried. I hadn't had it till last year and literally changed my life. You got to have like a slice or two of ham. Some mac and cheese, some collard greens, some yams. I like lima beans. And some cornbread. Sweet potato pie for dessert.

12) DD: Would you rather be a dragon or own a dragon?
Adams: I want to own a dragon, for sure.

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