12Q w/OLB Brennan Scarlett | Drew's Dozen

Drew Dougherty of Texans TV spoke with OLB Brennan Scarlett about a wide range of subjects. You can listen to the entire conversation HERE. An abbreviated version of the chat is below.

1) DD: You raise money for your foundation by having a dodgeball tournament. How good, though, are you at dodgeball?
Scarlett: Unfortunately, I'm not the best dodgeball player. I never played baseball growing up, and I wasn't a quarterback. But I'm a utility guy, though. I'll get the occasional out. I'll catch somebody out. I'm dependable.

2) DD: One of your new teammates improved his hands courtesy of Dodgeball when he was in middle school and high school. David Johnson has a really cool story about that. Will you add David Johnson to the mix as far as helping raise money?
Scarlett: Oh, easily would bring David Johnson to the squad. My squad is always called the Big Yard Bandits. We need to get Deshaun Watson out there.

3) DD: What is your foundation, and what does it do?
Scarlett: The Big Yard Foundation, which started two years ago. We support community empowerment through literacy, especially childhood literacy. We raise our money via dodgeball tournaments. This year we did a Juneteenth march and then we took those funds and we bought books for underprivileged kids in underprivileged neighborhoods.

4) DD: So what's your favorite childhood book from when you were growing up?
Scarlett: Oh, easy: the Harry Potter series was my go-to book as a kid. My mom used to take me to the Harry Potter book release. It used to be at midnight of the day that it was going to drop. So me and my mom would go to Barnes and Noble. She would give me a hot chocolate and we'd sit on the floor, wait in line for the Harry Potter books. I'd get that book at midnight and literally read it till like 4:00 AM. Just nerdy.

5) DD: You're always wearing retro gear from the 1990's. On the whole, what do you think is the best part about that decade?
Scarlett: The best part of the Nineties was either the R&B music or the style. If we were going to get specific, I would say the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. That was my show, and is my show to this day.

6) DD: You were born in 1993. So were Ariana Grande, Chance the Rapper, actor/comedian Pete Davidson and Anthony Davis of the Lakers. Throw yourself in there and rank those 5.
Scarlett: Number one, I would say Chance. Pete is number two, then AD, Arianna and then myself.

7) DD: Other than football, what's your favorite sport to play?
Scarlett: Basketball for sure. But a sport that I've gotten into recently is golf. It's fun to get out there with with my boys and slap it around a little bit, just enjoy being outdoors.

8) DD: You play with any of your Texans teammates?
Scarlett: Yeah, I've played with Ka'imi quite a bit. Jon Weeks, too. And Nick Martin.

9) DD: After a noon game win at NRG Stadium, what's the perfect post-victory meal?
Scarlett: Well, if I got some people in town, then we're going to Steak 48. I'm getting that bone-in ribeye. We're starting off with the crispy shrimp, the calamari, maybe the deviled eggs with the crispy shrimp. A nice little glass of wine, maybe a gin martini if we want.

10) How dirty is the martini?
Scarlett: It's dirty. It has bleu cheese stuffed olives.

11) Some people are food snobs. Some people are hotel snobs. Are you a snob about anything in particular?
Scarlett: I would say I'm somewhat of a food snob. I like to know where my food is sourced from. Healthy and organic and all that stuff. Obviously, I'd like it to taste good, but I also like to be good for my body.

12) DD: So you're not doing that $1.99 Big Gulp special, where you get the Big Gulp, the hot dog and a big bag of Doritos? I'm just asking for a friend.
Scarlett: Nah.

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