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12Q w/TE Darren Fells | Drew's Dozen

1) DD:What's your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?
Fells: Mac and cheese. I try to get my kids eat it as well. So I keep it as basic as possible because my son and daughter, they destroy mac and cheese. But I'll try to spice it up by adding like a spicy Italian sausage or something like that, too.

2) DD: What's the most overrated Thanksgiving dish?
Fells: Cranberry sauce.

3) DD: You don't like cranberry sauce?
Fells: Oh, overrated? Not cranberry sauce. I like cranberry sauce. I'll go with gravy as the overrated part.

4) DD: What are you going to cook on Thanksgiving?
Fells: Sadly, I will not be making anything extravagant due to COVID. It'll just be me, my wife and two kids this Thanksgiving. The last time when my wife was dating me and we couldn't do a big family Thanksgiving, I made a Thanksgiving sandwich. I had a little bit of stuffing, mac and cheese, turkey. I made it into a sub sandwich to do that.

5) DD: What did you do over the bye week?
Fells: On a personal level, my life revolves around my kids. So we did anything and everything they wanted. My daughter knew I had five days off, so she was up every single morning at 6:00. One night we had a slumber party and stayed up and watched whatever movie she wanted, which ended up being a Barbie movie.

6) DD: What do you like being complimented on?
Fells: I love cooking, so I love when people enjoy my food. Whenever I see people go into the kitchen and get seconds, I know maybe I did something right.

7) DD: If you could travel to one of the planets, which planet would you travel to and why?
Fells: I want to see the rings around Saturn. I'd like to sit on that planet to see how those rings look.

8) DD: What is your most treasured possession?
Fells: My kids. They pretty much make me who I am.

9) DD: If you could have a magical power, what would you choose?
Fells: It would be, whenever you need someting, you just reach into your pocket and it'll be there. If I need $13, I could reach in my pocket and pull out $13. If I need a car, I could reach into my pocket and pull out a set of keys.

10) DD: What advice would you give your 16-year old self?
Fells: Don't change. Keep doing what you're doing. Don't stress out too much. Your life's going to be good.

11) DD: What's your favorite dinosaur?
Fells: T-Rex.

12) DD: Would you rather own a dragon, or be a dragon?
Fells: I would own a dragon. It would be pretty awesome. 'Game of Thrones'-style. Khaleesi.

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