20 for '20: Numbers to know about Texans' 2020 opponents

14,354 - Total miles the Texans will fly during the 2020 regular season

5,124 - Career passing yards for Deshaun Watson against the 2020 Texans opponents

2,240 - The number of air miles for the longest road trip of the regular season, when the Texans fly from Houston to Pittsburgh for their showdown with the Steelers

1,286 - The shortest 2020 regular season road trip, mileage-wise, for the Texans. They face the Chiefs in Kansas City next fall.

1,248 - Career passing yards for Deshaun Watson against the Colts. It's more than any other team he's faced in his career.

1.000% - Winning percentage, all-time, for the Texans (4-0) against Chicago

79 - Combined wins, all-time, versus the 2020 slate of opponents

60.5 -Career sacks, combined, for J.J. Watt against the 2020 Texans opponents

45 - Career sacks, combined, for Watt against AFC South opponents Indianapolis, Jacksonville and Tenenssee

36 - Career touchdown passes, combined, for Watson against the 2020 Texans opponents

23 - All-time wins versus Jacksonville, which is the most for the Texans against any NFL team

12 - Number of years since the Texans last beat the Packers, which was in December of 2008

10 - Number of career touchdown passes Watson's thrown against the Titans, which is more than any other team he's faced

7 - The number of games against a playoff team for Houston next season (at Kansas City and Tennessee, home versus the Ravens, Patriots, Packers, Vikings and Titans)

5 - The Texans host five games next season at NRG Stadium versus 2019 playoff teams (Titans, Patriots, Packers, Vikings and Ravens)

4 - Houston's played four games against each of their four NFC North opponents since beginning play in 2002

3 - The number of men who've been the head coach in Texans history. All three-- Bill O'Brien (2014-current), Gary Kubiak (2006-2013) and Dom Capers (2002-2005) -- will be in NRG Stadium when the Vikings take on Houston this fall. Kubiak and Capers are both assistants in Minnesota under head coach Mike Zimmer.

2 - A pair of road opponents, the Chiefs and Titans, went to the playoffs in 2019

1 - The only team the Texans face with a new head coach in 2020 is the Cleveland Browns. Kevin Stefanski is now their leader, and Houston will head to Cleveland next fall for a matchup with the Browns.

0 - The Texans won't take any trips west of Houston in the 2020 regular season

Check out photos of all the opposing stadiums the Texans will play in during the 2020 season. (Photos via AP images.)

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