4 Downs: Bill O'Brien on CB Kevin Johnson

The quarterback competition.

The League's greatest player.

The return from injury of the first overall pick in the 2014 Draft.

Those are three key subjects that have absorbed the glow of spotlights so far during the Texans OTAs and minicamp.

With all that in mind, Kevin Johnson's quietly started his career in the shadows of the Mallett/Hoyer battle, J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney's comeback.

Houston's first rounder in the 2015 NFL Draft, Johnson's "learning the pro game" according to Bill O'Brien. The head coach also thinks the cornerback has a "really bright future" and is in a good spot to learn from the likes of his position coach John Butler, as well as veteran corners Johnathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson.

As he often does, O'Brien then reeled off a list of thing going well for Johnson. Those positive attributes are below, in the head coach's words.

  1. "He's a smart guy,"
  1. "He's a hard worker,"
  1. "He's a very good transitional player, so he's able to at times see it and he's able to transition very well."
  1. "He's got good quickness. Obviously, we're in t-shirts and shorts. The key for Kevin, just like all the rookies, is how do they do when the full pads go on? A lot of these guys that are veterans, we kind of know what we have with a lot of these guys. With rookies, we don't really know what we have until we see what they do in full pads. He would be one of those guys."

Johnson and the Texans will conclude minicamp on Thursday at the Houston Methodist Training Center.

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