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4 uniforms in 2024 & J.J. Watt on bongos for Jimmy Buffett? | Daily Brew


At long last: IT'S GAME WEEK!

Happiest of Labor Days to you and yours. Hopefully, you're off and you get to enjoy being off.

But back to the week ahead. The Texans will face the Ravens in Baltimore in six days at noon CT.

They'll practice today at the Houston Methodist Training Center, Tuesday will be the standard of day, and then on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday they'll practice in preparation for the Ravens. The Texans will fly out on Saturday afternoon and get the 2023 regular season going at M&T Bank Stadium. A roster move or two (or more) will happen in the coming days as well.

On Friday night, Marc Vandermeer and John Harris welcomed Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications Doug Vosik to "Texans All Access". You can listen to the whole interview below, but here's a friendly reminder: in 2024 the Texans will have four different uniform combos they'll wear. Big changes are coming. And some things will stay the same.

Aaron Wilson wrote this piece about rookie receiver Tank Dell. There's good stuff in here about Tank's 'list', his workout routines and more.

Congrats to the Houston Cougars. They wore some sweet, sweet threads on Saturday night and opened their season with a 17-14 win over UT-San Antonio. There's a mini Coogs-House in the Texans locker room, with Dell, quarterback Case Keenum and offensive lineman Josh Jones.

The 'Dawg' nickname has been overused for quite some time. Texans safety Jalen Pitre has a better description for his fellow safety Jimmie Ward. It's 'Apex Predator'.

Jimmy Buffett died on Saturday. He was legendary for a variety of reasons. Ken Hoffman wrote a terrific piece about Buffett HERE. I always thought Buffett was singing "medium rare with MUSTARD be nice", but it turns out he was saying "Muenster" instead of mustard. Ken got to the bottom of that, way back when.

Ken also wrote about this encounter below between J.J. Watt and Buffett at a Houston concert awhile back.

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