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Houston Texans

5 Reasons Tony Romo "is a top notch" QB

In 112 career regular season starts, Tony Romo has been the winning quarteback 66 times.

He's 20 games over .500 in his career. He's guided the Cowboys to a 3-1 start this season.

Yet throughout his career, he's had his detractors in the media as well as in his own fanbase.

And Texans head coach Bill O'Brien scoffed at those detractors on Thursday.

"This guy is a top-notch quarterback," O'Brien said. "I just think it's always funny. People that critique

quarterbacks like that, other than guys that have actually played quarterback or actually coached quarterback, it's pretty interesting how people critique quarterbacks that aren't actually in the room teaching, coaching or have actually done it. It's kind of interesting to me."

O'Brien listed five reasons he thinks Romo "is a hell of a quarterback."

1."He's smart."

2."He's accurate."

3."He's played a lot of productive football in this league.

4."He's got good players around him in (Jason) Witten, Dez Bryant and obviously DeMarco Murray.

5."He's got a good offensive line."


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