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7 Reasons Jon Weeks is important to Texans

Long snapper Jon Weeks doesn't get a lot of publicity.

But that lack of press doesn't mean Weeks contributes little to the Texans. If you ask his head coach, it's the opposite.

"I'm glad you asked about Jon Weeks," Bill O'Brien said on Friday. "Jon Weeks is the type of guy that really makes your team, those role guys. He's our long snapper."

O'Brien then proceeded to list seven reasons Weeks is an integral part of the squad.

1. "He works extremely hard."

2. "This is a guy that comes in really early in the morning for extra conditioning. I see him in the weight room all the time early in the morning."

3. "He really works hard at improving his snapping every single week."

4. "He's accurate."

5. "It's fast."

6. "He's got a great rapport with Lech (Shane Lechler) and Randy Bullock. Those guys are together all day. I just think that Jon does a really good job."

7. "He's gotten better at covering the kicks too. He's gone down there and done a pretty good job for us in covering the punts so that's been good to see also."


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