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8 reasons Andrew Luck is a challenge

Bill O'Brien and the Texans are focused on the challenge this Thursday night with the Colts.

And according to the head coach, Indianapolis' quarterback is at the forefront of that challenge.

"Everything that they do offensively, to me, is impressive," O'Brien said on Monday. "It all goes through Andrew Luck."

At 3-2, Luck and the Colts come to town with the same record as Houston. O'Brien listed 8 reasons why Luck is such a great quarterback.


  1. **"He's a very bright guy."

2."He's a guy that is leading the league in a lot of different categories or he's in the top five at least."

3."A very accurate passer."

4."The thing that is really impressive about him is—aside from his intelligence and all that—is his playing strength."

5."He's a very strong player."

6."He's very difficult to sack."

7."He's a guy that stands in the pocket."

8."He's a very tough guy."


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