'A little off the back'

"A little off the back, huh?"

And thus, David Carr started what could be the most famous haircut in football history. Who knows, judging by the media presence and overall hype, it could be the biggest trim the state of Texas has ever seen.


The seeds for the momentous occasion were planted at the end of the 2003 season when Carr and his father Rodger made a pact at the dinner table not to cut their hair until the Texans won back-to-back games.

The Texans (2-2) beat the Raiders Sunday to win consecutive games for the first time in team history.

Of course, citizens of Houston didn't have to wait to the evening news to see the Texans quarterback get a long awaited haircut. No, two of the dozen television cameras in attendance at Reliant Stadium carried the event live, complete with teasers informing thousands of viewers they were "just seconds away" from one of the day's biggest news offerings.

"Just a little trim," Carr said to his personal stylist while answering questions from the hoard of media. "We're just getting rid of the mullet. We're anti-mullet today."

But he wasn't the only attraction at perhaps the biggest Texans event since the team's inaugural game.

"That guy really needs it over there," he added pointing to his father, who's shaggy mop has drawn criticism from family members and served as a spring board for conversation for months.

"I like being in the background so I'm sort of glad this is all over," the elder Carr said, while chunks of his hair were lopped to the ground. "This all started over dinner … and then it turns in to this."

Perhaps a dozen questions and bouts of laughter into the barber shop interview Carr was left to simply ponder what was happening a few inches above his eyes.

What do you ask a guy who's getting his hair cut on television? What do you say when what was once the biggest storylines behind the team is falling to the floor in moist clumps of hair?

The beautician's utensils did the talking.

Snip. Snip. Click. Buzzzzzzzz.

Bit by bit the bits of hair fell to the floor. Carr said he would keep the remnants of hair but has not decided on a charity to give it to.


"You guys need to all experience this at some point in your life," Carr said to the media. "If we wouldn't have waited thirty something games (to win back-to-back) it wouldn't have been such a big deal."

Actually it could have been even more of a deal if Carr didn't dash the hopes of his teammates earlier in the week when he declared he wouldn't be losing all of his hair.

You've heard of rookie hazing? Well, everyone was ready to catch up with Carr.

Fullback Jarrod Baxter joyfully flipped on his clippers after Sunday's game looking at Carr like a cat ready to pounce.

Carr left the locker room quicker than truth in politics.

His wife Melody grew attached to the look over the passing months and gave strict orders for her husband not to return to the military style buzz cut he sported for the first two years of his career.

He said he doesn't miss the archaic style, just as he won't miss the added attention that one haircut brought to a Monday afternoon in Houston.

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