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Andrew Beck returns kickoff for TD, will celebrate at Beyonce concert


There were more graceful touchdowns on Sunday in Jacksonville.

There were more bruising touchdowns on Sunday in Jacksonville.

But there weren't any wackier, or longer touchdowns than Andrew Beck's on Sunday in Jacksonville.

The Texans fullback and tight end, a veteran of five NFL seasons, received a short third quarter kickoff on the left side of the field at the 15-yard line, fumbled it, picked it back up, zoomed across to the right side. He then raced up the sideline, broke two tackles and scored on an 85-yard kickoff return.

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It gave Houston a 24-10 advantage, and was the perfect answer for a Jacksonville field goal that had narrowed the score to just 17-10.

"Definitely not how we drew it up," Beck joked afterwards in the locker room. "But we picked up the ball and I looked up and kind of saw that we might be able to get an edge. Kudos to the rest of the team too, because everybody kept doing their job and blocking."

The Jaguars wouldn't get back to within single digits, and Houston ran away with a 37-17 road victory.

Head coach DeMeco Ryans picked up his first career victory, but he didn't see what happened, initially.

"I saw it late," Ryans said. "I was looking down. I didn't see it. I look up, and Beck is coming at me. 'Oh, he'll make this guy miss', and then he kept moving. Man, you look up, and it's a touchdown. Very excited for Beck."

Ryans can be excused for not seeing it all unfold. Beck explained how linebacker Blake Cashman told him he was in the same proverbial boat.

"Cashman came up to me afterwards," Beck said. "He's like, 'Dude, I don't even know what was going on. I heard the crowd go, Ooh! I looked up and you were hauling it down the sideline.'"

Beck's teammates had fun with him in the locker room after and relished in his improbable score. Tight end Brevin Jordan, who caught a second quarter touchdown, was the first Texans teammate to embrace Beck in the end zone after the score. Jordan lit up describing what he saw.

"My dog, Andrew Beck," Jordan said. "The tight end room, we popped off today: he got one on a kick return that really wasn't supposed to go to him. So it was unbelievable, man. That was a huge momentum swing for us."

Defensive end Will Anderson, Jr. blocked a field goal try in the first half and was animated in his recount of Beck's touchdown gallop.

"I was super excited for him," Anderson said. "He's a hard worker, tough dude, and he comes to work every day."

Beck said he was going to celebrate the victory and his touchdown by going with his wife to Beyonce's concert at NRG Stadium.

"That's the last guess that I'd be going to the Beyonce concert to celebrate this one," Beck said. "But I think that's going to be the move."

Beck and the Texans will host the Steelers at NRG Stadium next Sunday at noon.

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