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Houston Texans

Antonio Smith thankful for OKC family's safety


Texans defensive end Antonio Smith is counting his blessings.

As vicious tornadoes devastated Oklahoma on Monday, the Pro Bowler breathed a sigh of relief that family members still residing in his hometown of Oklahoma City are safe.

"I checked with my family and everybody, other than property damage, the most important thing was everybody was alright," Smith said in an interview after the second session of OTAs. "Your heart has got to go out to those families that weren't so fortunate, especially with the kids and the school."

The town of Moore, just ten miles south of Oklahoma City, was rocked by an EF5 tornado with wind speeds of more than 200 mph. The disaster flattened neighborhoods and made a direct blow on a nearby elementary school.

The death toll is currently projected at 24, including nine children.

"As I can remember in my life, every five years we get a big one like that that comes through there, sometimes a little bit more," Smith said. "It seems to turn up through Moore and takes it on into the city. I had some family members lose some houses, but they're happy they're alive. I'm feeling blessed for that."

The second day of OTAs brought more drills in the hot sun, but Smith welcomed the distraction.

"It's always good to get back out here with your boys," he said. "Even though sometimes you feel like you dread it, once you get back out here with each other, it brings it all into perspective."

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