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Arian Foster taking precautions with calf

Though he describes the pain as "just some light soreness," running back Arian Foster is taking precaution to make sure his calf is a nonissue by the start of the season.

"Sometimes muscle injuries can linger," he said. "You can't play through it. It's not like playing through a broken collarbone. I have played through a lot of things, but this is just something you can't and there's no reason to right now. I'm just going to take my time and when I feel 100 percent confident, I'll be ready."

Foster, who suffered a calf strain during June OTAs, was placed on the Physically Unable to Perform list earlier this week but can return to the active roster at any point. Though the transaction was a surprise to many, Foster sees the move as an opportunity of sorts.

"There's nothing I can do about it, I was injured so I was going to make the best of that situation," Foster said. "I actually feel like I got a little bit better because of it, honestly. I got a little more extra time to continue training and getting everything as healthy as possible. I'm excited about this season."

Over the last few months, Foster made several comments about his discontent with his performance in 2012, despite earning his third-consecutive Pro Bowl, leading the NFL in touchdowns (17) and ranking second in the AFC in rushing yards (1,424). This offseason, he's altered his workout routine and skipped vacation to focus solely on reaching his 2013 goals.

"I think as an athlete you always have to try and reinvent yourself and you always have to push yourself to the limits," Foster said. "I think this year I just took my training regimen to another level, and we'll see the results.

"I just want to harness my craft and hone it and be the best me I can be. Ultimately, if I'm the best me for my team then that helps us get wins. I think that's what every athlete's goal should be: just be the best them and to be part of a unit."

Personal goals are certainly a motivating factor, Foster says, but at the end of the day he has the team's best interest in mind.

"I think that this team is coming together as a whole," he said. "I feel it's still early in training camp, so we're still trying to find out identity, but I think we have great leadership. I think it's starting to be one of those teams that kind of runs itself and the coaches kind of just oversee, and that's always a good sign."

Foster talks HollywoodOver the offseason, Foster teamed up with actor Kevin Costner for the new football-inspired feature film *Draft Day. *He was not handed the part, but rather had to audition for director Ivan Reitman to earn his role.

"That's probably what was the most gratifying thing for me," Foster said. "They didn't say 'Hey, you want to be in a movie cause you're an actual running back?' They had me audition, so I had to audition. My audition tape was up against 100 other audition tapes

and they felt like I was the best guy for the part. The director is a legend in the game. He directed Animal House, Ghostbusters. He directed some classics, so for him to look at my audition tape and say, 'He is the best guy for the part.' I was humbled so I came in prepared."

When asked if he took acting classes before the gig, Foster responded, "No, no it's all natural, baby."

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