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Battle Red Ladies Night a hit


TE James Casey posed for pictures and signed autographs for the Texans fans at Battle Red Ladies Night.

The Battle Red Day rumble was more than four days away, but on Tuesday evening, nearly 200 diehard Texans fans gathered at Reliant Stadium for the first-ever "Battle Red Ladies Night."

The event was sponsored by State Farm Insurance and featured complimentary wine and cheese, the chance to mingle with a trio of Texans Ambassadors and an appearance by tight end James Casey. It all took place in and around the Go Texan Store, and the attendees came away with a lot of fun memories.

"It's pretty cool to have an organization devoted to women and their involvement in sports," Texans fan Christa Robinson said. "It's cool to see that transition where so many women get involved for their own relationships and for the support of the NFL."

The event was a kickoff of sorts for the Battle Red Ladies, a club exclusively for women that was designed with Lady Texans fans in mind. Casey signed autographs and took pictures with the women in attendance for an hour, and he emphasized the impact women have as Texans fans.

{QUOTE}"They're such a big part of the NFL fanbase and make so many decisions, and I know we as players appreciate all their support," the rookie from Rice University said. "Plus, my wife's my biggest fan, so it's just natural."

Kylie Casey agreed, and said that women play a big role in supporting the Texans.

"I think we're underrated as fans," Mrs. Casey said. "But obviously, there are 200 women here and it's awesome that they're involved. I think the more fans he has, the better off he is."

State Farm Insurance emphasized the importance and value of partnering with the Texans, and Battle Red Ladies Night was a success in more ways than one.

"For us to come out here with all these wonderful ladies who are also Texans fans is a big deal for State Farm," vice president Rita Howard said. "Forty-eight percent of all NFL fans are women, so why shouldn't we tap into that market?"

James Casey, however, wasn't the only man in the crowd. Former Texans J.J. Moses and Corey Bradford also mingled with the ladies, as did Jerry LeVias. All three gentlemen are Texans Ambassadors, and for LeVias, it was a night he won't soon forget.

"It's fantastic," LeVias said of the event. "I have to give Mr. McNair credit, because you're talking to true football fans here with these ladies. I'm having a fun time talking to them and finding out that I don't know as much about football as I thought I did."

The organization plans on more events in the near future, which will likely include clinics with the players and coaches, workshops about diet and exercise and much more.

For more information on the Battle Red Ladies, which is free to join, click **here**.

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