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Beignets, Rest and Reddit | Daily Brew 


After calling off joint practices with the Saints, the Texans, now lighter and faster with fewer chances to ingest beignets, settled into a more 'normal' game week, following a day off Tuesday.

DeMeco Ryans talked about it with us on Texans Radio. Well, not about beignets, just the football part.

If you're not sure what a beignet is, I’ve got you.

I might have even asked Nick Caserio if he ever tried one during his Texans Radio appearance this week. You already know the answer to that one. He also weighed in on a big week, as the roster must be reduced to 53 by Tuesday afternoon.

Speaking of big weeks – not only does the season start but we have the Season Premiere event next week followed by a college football two-fer the following weekend, featuring two teams from Mexico (what!?) and Sam Houston State playing its first FBS game, facing Air Force.

Texans President Greg Grissom weighed in on it all on Texans All Access.

We've seen the start of some new traditions with the McNair's, like Cal and Hannah throwing out tee shirts to the fans at training camp and Cal's Cookout, with the boss serving up burgers and other grilled fare. And maybe we should add an annual Reddit AMA to the list.

It started last year with some wisdom and witticisms from the Chairman. This year he took it a few steps further. Does he have his own beer?

Finally, let's get ready for GameDay. It's the preseason finale (already?). There are only three these days. And there are only so many times you get to see the boys play at the Superdome.

I'll talk to you from the dome on Sunday night. And if I sound a tad bloated – blame it on the beignets.

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