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Cal McNair returned to Reddit Thursday night for an AMA 


Cal McNair had a fun time interacting with fans on Reddit's /r/Texans subreddit Thursday night.

The Texans Chair and CEO--who also referred to himself as the franchise's Grill Master--hopped on for his second-ever AMA (ask me anything) and answered a range of questions.

The subject of new uniforms came up, and he had this to say about the new threads on the way for the 2024 season.

"Ok I see a lot of questions about an update on the new uniforms. Here is what I can tell you: fan input drove the process as we surveyed over 10k fans and held over 50 focus groups with Legends, Current Players, Houston celebrities, all kinds of fans and more. We feel really good about where we're headed with it. Over our four new designs, we feel like we landed on something for everyone. We can't wait to debut them in 2024. Can y'all let Parker McCollum know that's the date we have been planning to release them for me?"

He followed it up with some more insight on colors.

"Fans love Texans Deep Steel Blue, Battle Red and Liberty White. Maybe we're working on a few surprises for y'all in 2024. We know so many of us love H-Town Blue. Although there are tons of rules around color usage and combinations in the NFL, we're working hard to find a way to honor the 120 year history of H-Town Blue in our city."

Another fan asked when the Texans will do like the Astros (Crawford Bock) and Rockets (Clutch City Lager) and get a beer collaboration with Karbach. McNair's already on it...

"That's a great idea! I actually do have my own beer, Caltober. Hannah organized a tasting session and we smoked the hops to create it for my birthday in October. Maybe we can get Texans Twitter to post a photo."

When asked about the greatest lesson his father taught him, Cal had a succinct answer: POP.

"Patience. Optimism. Persistence. POP from Pop."

McNair also answered some questions about the stadium's future, his wife, and his favorite plays in team history.

You can check out the full AMA by clicking HERE.

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