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Best of 2021 Interviews | Drew's Dozen + Player Preview

When will Roy Lopez cut his hair? And who cuts it for him?

Why is a night of sleep in a hotel room an oasis for Brandin Cooks?

Can Jacob Martin tango?

These burning questions and more were some of the fun moments from the 2021 season of Drew's Dozen.

It's a weekly interview I did with a Texans player, where we did NOT discuss football. Rather, it was a chance to find out who these guys are, what they like and dislike and more. I typically mixed up the questions but also asked every single one of them their favorite and least favorite exercise in the weight room. Stereotypically, most of the skill position players liked squats the most. The big guys, for the most part, did not. They were bigger fans of the bench press.

We had a bit of fun and hope you enjoyed watching/listening/reading it, as well.

More Drew's Dozen segments, as well as Deepi Sidhu's 'Deep Slant' interviews, can be found HERE.

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