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Big returns, the Monterey Melt, uniform combos this fall | Fans Wanna Know


Got a question about the Texans?
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Angela Wood: Dear Drew, Will Kenyon Green be starting this season?
DD: The offensive lineman missed all of the 2023 regular season with an injury, but he should be in the mix and competing at the left guard position for 2024.

The 2022 first-rounder started 14 game as a rookie.

Clifton Abercrombie: Dear Drew, Will Tank Dell be ready to play Week 1?
DD: Earlier this week at the 21st Annual Houston Texans Charity Golf Classic, Head Coach DeMeco Ryans was asked about Dell's status, and he said "Tank will be fine."

George Tellez: Dear Drew, Who was #63 awhile back?
DD: Well, George, Michael Deiter wore it last. He was the starting center for the final 10 games of 2023, and is now with the Washington Commanders.

Before him, though, offensive linemen like Roderick Johnson, Kendall Lamm, Chris White and Drew Hodgdon have all worn that number in franchise history.

Aaliyah Pesina: Dear Drew, What is your go-to Whataburger order?!! Also onion rings or Fry fan?!
DD: When it's on the menu, I love the Monterey Melt meal, with a Diet Dr. Pepper to drink, easy on the ice. I've also enjoyed the Frito Pie Burger. If neither are available, I'm a simple Whataburger with cheese meal guy. I like the fries over onion rings, but enjoy an onion ring or two on occasion.

Yordan Colorado: Dear Drew, How many times will we wear the Color Rush uniforms this year? Will we have a matching field with them in the near future?
DD: Yordan, the Texans can wear their Battle Red or Color Rush uniforms a total of three times in a season. They can do all three of one color, or two of one color and one of another, but they can only wear the Battle Red or Color Rush unis a combined three times.

As far as the field goes… I'd love to hear what you'd like that to look like.

Donna Campion: Dear Drew, Will TORO get to wear the new oh-so-nice H-Town uniforms at all the home games?
DD: You don't become the best mascot in the world without being prepared, and TORO is an Eagle Scout in that department. He's got uniforms in every color and combination, and will be looking sharp as a razor in union with whatever the game theme is this season.

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