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Bill O'Brien on rookies: "It's a good group"

After one day of practice, the Texans rookies earned measured praise from their new head coach.

"I really think it's a good group," Bill O'Brien said on Friday afternoon. "It looked like everybody was being attentive and staying focused and working very hard."

The newest crop of draftees, undrafted free agents, and players here on a tryout met for meetings on

Thursday evening and Friday morning, before hitting the practice field at the Houston Methodist Training Center in the afternoon. For O'Brien, the rookies were processing "a lot of information" and doing so with a good attitude.

"We're throwing a lot at these guys," O'Brien said. "Linebackers, quarterbacks, really all the positions get a lot thrown at them within the first two practices."

First round outside linebacker Jadeveon Clowney and fourth round quarterback Tom Savage garnered the lion's share of attention from the media on Friday, but O'Brien was quick to lump the two notable draftees into the group.

"It's another step for the rookies," O'Brien said. "So whether it's Tom or it's Clowney, whatever rookie it is, it's a different deal. They're all having a lot of things thrown at them." Rookie minicamp continues on Saturday and Sunday.


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