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Bill O'Brien, Texans to prep for multiple teams

The Texans are preparing for the Cowboys.

And the Chicago Bears.

And the New England Patriots.

The final preseason game is Thursday night in Arlington against Dallas, and the bulk of the team's starters won't play. 

"We have to get a lot of our team ready for Dallas," head coach Bill O'Brien said. "But another group of our team needs to be moving on to getting ready for Chicago and even games during the season where you have quick turnarounds."

After the preseason finale, Houston hosts the Bears on Sunday, September 11 at NRG Stadium. They'll play at home again the next Sunday versus the Chiefs, and then fly to New England on Wednesday the 21st for a Thursday-nighter against the Patriots. 

The time between yesterday's triumph over the Cardinals and late September will be used wisely by

O'Brien, the coaching staff and players.

"We'll work on things maybe over the next 10 days where we know we'll only have three days to prepare for a team," O'Brien said. "We may work on a couple things they've shown us in the past to be tough to deal with."

Preparing for, and playing in four games in a 21-day span is not easy, according to O'Brien. But he said he embraces the opportunity.

"It's a difficult time of the year, just from a planning standpoint," O'Brien said. "It's fun though. It's challenging. You have to make sure that the guys are getting the proper work, the right work, if that makes sense."

O'Brien and the Texans will practice Tuesday morning and then attend the Houston Texans Team Luncheon presented by Amegy Bank. They'll leave for Arlington on Wednesday.


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