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Birds, Beck and BMW | Daily Brew


Just when you thought the Texans were done with their NFC slate, having played all four NFC South squads, comes another team from the other side of the fence, Arizona.

Now that we have 17 games, the extra outing is determined by scheduling a team from the NFC division you played two years ago that finished in the same spot you did in the previous year.

Everyone following along? That means the Texans will visit an NFC east team next year, in addition to their NFC North match-ups. Shall we have a quiz on this later?

Let's not and just focus on what's in front of us. Nobody gets you more familiar with an opponent than John Harris. Johnny knows this team like he’s a member of the Bidwell family.

Fun fact: The Cardinals started in Chicago and their existence dates back as far as the late 1800s, before the NFL started. They, the Bears and the Packers are considered the NFL's oldest teams. Of course they've journeyed to St Louis, and now Phoenix. They referred to themselves as the Phoenix Cardinals from 1988 to 1993, then they decided go with Arizona.

Ok, history class is over. Let's focus on something important, like free tickets! BMW is giving away 500 of them for Sunday's game. Read all about it!

I, or someone else may have linked to the weekly Texans Radio visit with DeMeco Ryans previously. But it's worth mentioning again. The coach talks about keeping the players focused and having fun as they get ready every week, especially focused. He wants them to play with joy and reckless abandon. I'm paraphrasing. Watch and listen to the real thing here.

It's fun to get to know the players away from the field. Brandon Scott checked in from Sports Radio 610 to visit with Shaquille Griffin. They talked about hair, football, food and kids. I engineered the audio and got a front row seat. Check it out.

Finally, it's Salute to Service and First Responders Day Sunday. The Texans do more than any club to honor and recognize the military. They were the first club to have a day like this. This Andrew Beck blog is excellent, as the fullback visits veterans.

It's going to be another big day at the stadium. The stakes get higher with every week that goes by. This is another important building block to a successful season. If the Texans get it, it'll be their longest winning streak in five years. For now, we wait and get fired up.

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