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Houston Texans

Brandon Brooks back after stomach bug

Brandon Brooks didn't just lose the chance to start in his 17th consecutive game last Thursday night.

He also lost a lot of weight.

The right guard was felled by a stomach illness on Thursday morning and ruled inactive for that evening's matchup with the Colts. After a trip that day to the hospital, Brooks feels "much better now" and was able to joke on Monday about his sudden weight loss.

"I feel slimmer, faster," Brooks said. "I'm down about 12 pounds. I'm still drinking fluids and getting back."

Even though he was under the weather, it didn't prevent him from watching his teammates on television. Being in the hospital and not on the field was hard on the third-year lineman.

"Extremely tough, and the biggest thing is just not being out there with the guys that you practice with and you're with a lot of your hours during the day," Brooks said. "I think that was the biggest thing."

Brooks and the Texans had Saturday and Sunday off, and he said he spent that time taking it easy and replenishing his fluids.


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