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Breakfast: That 'football's not far away' moment

Even though we're in the sweet spot of summer, over the weekend I was hit with NFL football and the promise of the fall.

I stopped in a drugstore to pick up some bubble gum and deodorant, got in line to check out, looked up at the magazine rack behind the counter and saw it: Deshaun Watson on the cover of the Athlon Sports 2018 NFL Preview.

He was just in front of a fantasy football preview issue, and sandwiched between a travel magazine and gun magazine. Some crossword puzzle books were below.

I would be on a boat in 15 minutes, but right then in my mind, I was in a football stadium and I smiled to myself.

Football will be here very soon, and there's a lot of promise with the 2018 Texans.

Carry on, have a great week, and don't forget: the Texans will hit the practice field at The Greenbrier in West Virginia in less than three weeks.

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